Trust Purposes

The Angela Lynsey Macdonald Trust was set up in 2014 with two main aims.

Firstly, to provide grants primarily for children and young people, to help them find faith or help them in developing their faith.
Secondly, to assist in the development of music in worship by providing grants for access to relevant courses and events and/or the provision of musical instruments.

The Trustees have agreed that the time is right for this project to come to an end.  The purpose and impact of it being set up has been achieved.
We will retain our memories and love for Angela and we are humbled to have been able to leave legacies around the world which bear her name.


Trust Legacy

The aims of the Trust were clear from the beginning but as each application was considered the Trustees were delighted with the diversity of applications and the lack of geographical boundaries.
Since its inception in 2014 awards have been made to more than 60 individuals, groups, churches and organisations at home and abroad totalling some £112,000.

Information on some of the organisations and individuals that the Trust has helped can be found in our newsletters and also below.