Angela Lynsey Macdonald

The Angela Lynsey Macdonald Trust was established in June 2014. The Trust was formed by family and friends of Angela who died from ovarian cancer in 2012, aged just 31.

You can read more about Angela and her love of life, music, people and the Lord here.

Trust Purpose

The Angela Lynsey Macdonald Trust was set up in 2014 with two main aims.

Firstly, to provide grants primarily for children and young people, to help them find faith or help them in developing their faith.

Secondly, to assist in the development of music in worship by providing grants for access to relevant courses and events and/or the provision of musical instruments.

Grants can be made to individuals or organisations to further these aims. More information on the Trust Purposes can be found here.



The online application for for grants can be found here.